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C and C Church Fellowship Program

This page is not about hunting.   It is about something more important then that.  We offer in the spring and summer a program to help men attend church.  It is not a money making program, it is myself and my staff trying to give back to those that have blessed us.  If you have a church that is interested call Kim at 620-674-8863 or email him at  for details.  Openings are limited.  The cost is what a box of shells and targets cost, around $15.00 pp.  We do skeet, crossbow, golf, rifle shooting, pistol shooting, fishing, 4 wheeler riding, and the church can also host a lunch or dinner.  We have DVD’s and also a 3 page flyer we can mail to you and your church.  Note, this is not done during hunting seasons as the resort is full each day.  But after we close, we then try to change peoples lives and get them active in church.  This resort has 6 crosses at different locations for a reason.  Just trying to give back!  May God bless you as he has this resort!    PLEASE TAKE A LOOK BELOW ==


Located at Show Me Birds Hunting Resort.

Ph. # 620-674-8863 or email  Baxter Springs, Ks.


Hello Everyone!  On behalf of my wife Claudette and myself Kim Shira thank you for taking the time to look at our new project.  Over the years of running the largest pheasant hunting resort in America we have came in contact with thousands of Christians.  Countless church groups hunt at the resort.  We hear the same comments from the church leaders “we can’t get the fathers to attend church on a regular basis”.  If we could we would see all the family attending, if we could just reach the men.  Ok, we have an idea to offer you.  It is what we are calling the Christian Outdoor Trail.  We are using our resort for this program and have been listening to our Lord Jesus on what to build.  It will be done in a few weeks after two years of construction.  I am showing some of the projects already done.  They include a 35 foot waterfall, a trophy fishing area, a children fishing pond, a pavilion with outdoor cooking area, a peninsula with a beautiful gazebo on it, a baptism area, a swimming dock, three large crosses at the end of a 3000 foot pond dam, an Olympic skeet shooting range, a clubhouse, plenty of land to enjoy the great outdoors and a pro shop.   Now then all this can be available for the day for the cost of clay targets and a box of shotgun shells, this would run  $15.00 a man.  Our wholesale cost  for these two items is all we ask.  All the rest is a donation to your church from my wife and myself.  We want to pass the blessing to church groups.  Jesus has blessed us and keeps doing so, we have done all this in his honor. Believe me, I am not smart enough to do all this, Jesus made it happen!

Ok, now I should have your attention!  We need your help!  Not money, just ideas. 

We have all this in place, and this is the idea we have been giving from our Lord.  My wife and I want to offer the use of our resort to your church.  This would be done between the months from April till mid September (during our non-hunting season) and mainly on Saturday’s.  Of course, Sunday’s are not available.  Yet, we would consider a weekday if we have a special need from your church.  Dates would be booked by prior reservations and limited in number.


Ok, what is the plan for this event?  Hosting groups is what we do for a living.  We will be working for you to make your day exciting.  It is what we do all the time with thousands of hunters from all over the world.  Here is my plan for a days event, this was an idea given to me by our Lord.  Again, I am not smart enough to think of all this.  Each group will have a set time for outdoor enjoyment and then a subject from the bible to discuss or teach.  Each group will rotate from one area to the next area.  At each of the assigned areas a different bible subject and a different outdoor event.  I believe each bible subject should be one that helps direct these men to church.  THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR IDEAS, INPUT AND HELP.  WHAT SHOULD WE TALK OR TEACH AT EACH AREA?  My thoughts are to use this for building relationships, not the normal pastor preaching a sermon.  Nothing wrong with that my friends.  But this is more about letting these men express feelings and thoughts.  More of an interaction among the men attending; we have some outdoor fun and then listen and discuss issues facing the church and the men in the group.  I have learn one thing as a professional outdoorsman for 35 years.  When men are in the outdoor world memories are made that are never forgotten.  It is the way God has made us!    Here is my plan =



1.  Each church will bring 6 or more of your most loyal male church members.  The “men that get things done” at your church.  Or the best speakers of your church.  The men are to be called GUIDES  and each one will lead a small group of 4 to 5 men. OR IF YOU WISH  —  WE CAN SUPPLY THE “ SHOW ME BIRDS –GUIDES” and they will be trained in what to say and where to go.  These men are Christians that donated their time to help your church!  THEN YOUR CHURCH WILL SUPPLY LOYAL CHURCH MEMBERS TO BE “GREETER’S”;  please read this carefully.  A Greeter is a church member that will walk along with the Guide  and His Flock of men.  Since your Show Me Birds Guide may not be a regular church member of YOUR church.  These Greeter’s will be the men that greet your attendees WHEN they attend your church.  We are building relationships here and want that to continue after this special day is over.  The Greeter’s can help the Guides, and stay with that Guide all day long, YET the attendee’s in the flock do not know what they are doing.  They consider them part of the flock of men.  The next time they attend your church, there in your church will be a friend from this special day.   The men attending should be the ones that attend your church once in awhile; OR the men that you have been trying to get to come to church.  That is the purpose of all this; to get men to attend your church more often.  You pick who attends, only you know who this men should be.  The Guides will attend a 2 hour meeting prior to the arrival of the church attendees, if they are from your church.  This needs to be done a day or two before.  If you use the “Show Me Birds Guides” then this prior meeting is not needed, they will be trained.  Of course, church leaders are still invited to attend even if we use our Guides.  We will have a job for them to do, trust me!   

2.  The attendees arrive at the resort for a meet and greet from my a few of my staff and Claudette and I.  Soon after that each Guide and his men will depart to one of 6 assigned areas. The times set below are just ideas at this time and more research is being done to make sure this all falls in to place.  These areas are as follows=


AREA #1 = our Olympic style SKEET shooting range where the group will spend 30 minutes shooting clay targets, then a 30 min. study from the bible that is set by your church.  This is real skeet shooting.


AREA#2 = a covered outdoor pavilion with cooking area, TV set, gazebo, and a GOLF putting green.  Men will have 30 minutes for golf practice and then a 30 min. study from the bible that is set by your church. Or a short video picked by you to show on the TV in the pavilion.  4 putting holes and one chip target. 


AREA#3 = FISHING for Bass and copper -nose perch under the 3 white crosses at the large pond and then a 30 min. study from the bible that is set by your church.  We fish from the boat dock to the 3 white crosses on the pond. 


AREA#4 = a ride on our hunt wagon down to “ole Hell” a shooting station on our European shooting course.  There men will shoot a CROSSBOW at a 10-point buck 3-D target and then a 30 min. study from the bible that is set by your church.  Also a stroll around our famous European shooting course can be done here. 


AREA#5 = go to the resort clubhouse and shoot at  5  rifle targets with a scoped RIFLE  and then a 30 min. study from the bible that is set by your church.  A clubhouse is used for a break and refreshment area as well. 


AREA#6 = here you take a Honda 420cc 4 wheeler (each man has one) and ride from the clubhouse about ¾ mile to a  PISTOL  shooting range near a beautiful hilltop that we call Serenity Hill.  Here we will shoot 5 pistol rounds per man before moving on to Serenity Hill.  There we find a quite place out in the open countryside with nothing around but nature and a White Cross setting on top of a native grass hill.  This is the place for a group prayer and discussion on why you don’t attend church more often.  When your time is up, you ride the 4 wheelers back by crossing several creek crossing through the countryside. On the way back the 4-wheelers stop at another white cross that is standing over an 1874 baby cemetery that is located on our farm. It is a special place to visit for a few minutes about your children.  These 4 babies never had a chance at life.  What about YOUR children, do that have a chance?


AREA # 7  This is the Pavilion area at the resort. We all end up there at the end of the day.  .  There is a waterfall on your right, a 25 foot fountain in the large pond, another large fountain in the smaller pond, and a outdoor fireplace.  We also have a baptism area right beside the pavilion, just in case some of the men are ready to be saved and/ or baptized Here we have a dinner or lunch for all of us.  This dinner can be prepared by the church, or catered by the church.  We will supply names of local chef’s or restaurants.  You pay them directly, or bring food and cook at the pavilion.  It has fish fryers, steak or hamburger grilles, whatever you need.  We advise catering so that the key men in the church are busy building relationships and not cooking.  Or others from the church can come and cook as well.  Up to you!  After dinner, a quest speaker?  Or what about the pastor and a short bible study?  Music from the church can be added as well.  OR we have a Christian band we can supply! This dinner is for the men that attended that day and church help.  As we want to end the day on a personal level with the attendees.


Each group of men with their GUIDE  will have about one hour at each area.  Radios will be used to tell the groups to rotate to the next area.   Each discussion from the bible will be on a different subject; yet focused on why you don’t attend church OR what the church can do to help you in everyday life. If you use OUR GUIDES they will be trained on what subject to discuss with your guests.  A SAMPLE OF DISCUSSION IS SENT WITH THIS LETTER.  If you choose to bring your GUIDES you can choose your subject.  We are happy to help lay out a plan of what has worked for us in the past.  You can adjust as you need to base the talks on your church ideas and policy.   Note, we are talking about making relationships not a pastor preaching.  We are making memories in the outdoors and at the same time male bonding that we all hope will reward us ALL with new men attending your church.  If the fathers attend so will the wife and children.  This could not only help churches, it will help the home life of children and wives!

By now the groups have travelled from one area to the next.  All on a time plan, all radio controlled from the base radio at the clubhouse.  Just like we do our groups of hunters.  If over- night stay needed for the men attending or speakers, etc.  No problem, we are one of the largest customers for the Joplin, Mo. LaQuinta Hotel.  Only 20 minutes away!  We send thousands of hunters there.  Accordingly we can use our package which is only $37.00 pp with two per room and comes with a breakfast BUFFET as well!  Also, our resort will have all the guns, crossbows, and golf club needed and loaned for free.  We also will have a Christian Volunteer group of men on staff to help.  It is a busy day and timing is very important. Also at the end of the day we will make a group photo for all.  It will be a day to remember!   Tours are available for you to come and see the resort, prior to a church commitment. 

At the end of the dinner I will present an award to the  OUTDOORSMAN of the day.  A bible with our name and date on it?  Also a wall plaque with the date and name on it to hang in your home or office.  Plus a free hunt at our pheasant hunting resort!  The Guides will keep a scorecard of all the shooting, so we can pick the winner! 

We are in the planning stages of this program at this time.  Of course, a lot to be worked out.  Example=

  2. A LOCAL PASTOR’S MEETING TO “think about the bible subjects we need to discuss’
  3. A “practice run or two” TO TIME THE MOVING TO OTHER AREAS, SHOOTING, ETC.

If you have interest in helping with this project please email me at  and I will be happy to explain what plans we are making.  Thank you for taking the time to consider all this.  May God bless you today.

 Kim Shira and Claudette Shira, Owners Show Me Birds Hunting Resort

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