NEW INFORMATION IN REGARDS TO THE COVID-19 AND OUR RESORT. AS OF AUGUST, 2020. >>> A CHANGING WORLD FOR SURE, how can we help? WITH THE CHANGES MADE BY THE COVID-19 ACROSS THE COUNTRY WE ARE BLESSED AT SHOW ME BIRDS. THIS IS DUE TO THE TYPE OF BUSINESS WE ARE. AS ONE HUNTER STATED “ where else is more safe then a couple of hunting buddies in the middle of a big hunting farm”! WE CAN SEE WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. YET, WE DO HAVE ISSUES. ONE IS THE LUNCH TIME AT THE CLUBHOUSE. EACH HUNTER CAN LOOK AT THIS DIFFERENT AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP KEEP EVERYONE HAPPY AND SAFE. OPTIONS ARE== 1.We have a private dining area in our hatchery, or in our upstairs room in the farmhouse that joins the clubhouse. If you wish to eat there you can. 2. You can take your food out to your vehicle and eat there. Or eat before you come to the clubhouse for lunch. Please tell us if you are planning to do this. 3. At the set time of 8:25 or 12:45 depending on whether you have a morning field hunt or afternoon field hunt. You come inside the clubhouse for guide introduction, which only takes 5 minutes. You can stand apart here too. 4. Mask at this time in Cherokee county Kansas are optional, up to you and either way is fine for this area we live in. 5. We will do our part for cleaning the clubhouse of course. Hand cleaner is provide for all hunters, and on the tables. Other safety practices done as well. 6. Hunters will follow their guides in their own vehicle to the hunting farm. European shooters may ride the hunt wagon as normal or follow the hunt wagon to the shooting course in their vehicle. Or walk to the Euro course if you wish. Some clients take this very seriously, while others do not. So we have this new program in affect to make all happy. We are here to help and serve our customers. We are blessed to be in an outdoor type of business where 6 feet apart is easy to do. Thank you for hunting with us and see you soon this fall. For comments or questions just call us at 620-674-8863 or email us at Information to at God bless, Kim Shira