Why Show Me Birds?

We appreciate your interest in SHOW-ME BIRDS HUNTING RESORT! We are the largest pheasant hunting resort in America, with an annual production and harvest of over 65,000 birds! There are several reasons for our success.  We have more hunters and shoot more birds than anyone in the country.  You will see why when you get here.  This is not a preserve this is a resort.  Not a farmer trying to make a few bucks hunting on the side with a dog of his.  This is a professional hunting resort, with a special bird produced here, a fully trained staff, hundreds of gundogs, skeet shooting, fishing, a huge European shooting program, a pro shop, a hatchery, farming operation, outdoor pavilion, and much more.  Don’t drive to western Kansas, South Dakota, or other pheasant states.  Then run the risk of no birds, only high prices for fuel, hotel and meals.  We take the risk out, and put the fun into hunting again.  God bless, Kim Shira