• You have two choices if you are planning a pheasant hunt. You can get a group of hunters together and drive all the way to western Kansas, South Dakota, or Iowa. Line up in a row and walk miles of grain fields and even if you see a bird, everyone shoots (you never know if you got one) and the hunt is over. Or you can drive a lot less to Show-Me Birds Hunting Resort where your guide releases several highly trained pointing dogs, you enjoy watching these dogs as much as shooting birds, and yes – you will see plenty of birds! You can take turns shooting with your friends and en- joying a day of pheasant hunting the way it should be! Hard choice to make, is it not?

drone photo 2Welcome to America’s largest pheasant hunting resort!

We will make a memory for your clients, your friends and your family!  There is a reason thousands of hunters come here!  We have openings for Nov. – Dec.- Jan.-.Feb. and March.

 RECENT NEWS ALERT- on opening weekend this Nov. several fish and game officials from Kansas did a road check of 296 vehicles coming back from opening weekend, at the end of the wildlife check station day they had found 19 pheasants!!  Is that what you want your pheasant hunt to be?

No Bag Limit here! — Hunt packages start at $196.00!! License is only $27.50 cheapest in the US.  Plus over night rooms are just $42.00 pp with two per room.  This includes a breakfast and 2 drink bar, at the LaQuinta hotel in Joplin, Mo.  Not finding birds anymore, we have them ===great birds!  Watch the videos and see for yourself!

  Thanks to your great support we had a huge hunting season last year.   We are open again for this hunting season, we started hunting Oct. 1st.   This Oct. we harvested over 6,000 pheasants!  The birds and the action are here.  We are taking bookings now for field hunts and our Famous European shoots for this fall now. We have 5 dates open for you to host a shoot for your company or hunting buddies.  Call office for dates!   For this coming season is the Pheasant Fury,  The Crappie Factory, new wobble trap, skeet range, and a new 6th farm for field hunters!  Now we can hunt 12 groups a day for traditional field hunters.   Just go from one ride to the next, Disneyland for hunters it has been called.  Also, buy your license here, we make it easy and hassle free.  A huge staff of great people are ready to make a hunt of a lifetime for you, your clients, your family, and your friends!  Traditional field hunts, European shoots, 3 clay target ranges, 4 fishing ponds, outdoor pavilion, pro shop, gun room, super fast flying pheasants, world class gundogs, over 50 dog handlers, this is the place that has it all, and very reasonable prices as well!

WHY HUNT HERE?  FIRST- This is the perfect place for your children  and family.  We have action here, not hours in a blind waiting.  This is the place to get your kids started hunting! We even have a first PHEASANT pendent prize we give out each day.  SECOND- this is a no- alcohol hunting resort so you can feel secure in your choice of hunting here with family or church groups.  THIRD- you are in pursuit here – walking behind gun dogs- or on the European shoots firing away at high flying pheasants, so it is a huge change from deer,duck, turkey, and dove where you are setting and waiting.  A lifetime of hunting starts here!

Hunting season at the resort starts Oct. 1, 2016 and closes March of 2017.   Native bird reports in ALL the normal pheasant hunting states have gone from bad to mile sections bird- less  Don’t waste your  hunting time, walking bird-less fields.  Save money and have action!   We can show you great hunting and great flying birds!   Plus a staff that is 100% ready to work for you and your friends.

We are taking booking for this coming fall season.  Any number can join a European shooting event!  We do shoots every weekend!  We are still open to non members this fall, but members can earn free field hunts just by hunting here!   We can also email you a list of openings to host or join a grand European shoot.  Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on gas, hotel rooms, trespass fees, time from work, meals on the road.   Come here and save money and not worry about finding birds!  Don’t try to shoot birds in a road ditch, shoot them behind high quality pointing dogs!  Issues hunting pen-raised birds?  Forget what others birds are like, we have the real birds here, just watch the videos and see.  There is a reason we are the largest in the US for Pheasant hunting.  Also, do you like pursuit hunting?  What?  If you like deer,duck,turkey and dove that is great.  But hunting here is totally different, you are in PURSUIT not in a blind or tree stand.  Each step the hunt can change, bird dogs are working and the pheasants are explosive.  You never know what is going to happen any second.   Hunting here is not like other hunting trips, it is a one of a kind experience.  Pheasant hunting with pointing dogs, exciting – exciting and our famous European shoots are the same but with a huge amount of shotgun shooting added to the day, plus retrievers flying in the air making retrieves.  Two different programs running at the same time Guided Field hunts and European shooting events all on the same day.  Hunting here is a ONE OF A KIND DAY, we will make a memory!

Welcome to the largest pheasant hunting resort in America! Either Guide Field hunts or European Shoots we have it all! Hunters have come from all over the world to enjoy our Kansas pheasant hunting experiences; and our famous European Style Pheasant shoots for  over 20 years. Our guided hunts are done right! We mix a professional staff, a beautiful Kansas farm, great flying birds, and highly trained gundogs, plus all you can eat lunch. We end up with a very high quality guided pheasant hunt that few hunting resorts can match. ALL HUNTS HERE ARE NO BAG LIMIT! Please check out our guided hunt section where we compare prices to other pheasant hunting locations, such as South Dakota pheasant hunts. Our pheasant hunting is with pointing dogs, not walk and block like many other places. We believe bird hunting is with bird dogs! In fact we have over 200 dogs working at the resort! Please browse our web site, check out our videos, read important information before booking your hunt. We have several packages to choose from, something for all budgets. Pick from 4 up to 16 birds per person! Hunters stay at a large LaQuinta Hotel In Joplin, Mo.  for only $42.00 pp  with two per room and with a free breakfast and free bar with 2 free drinks if you want.  Call Mike Greninger at 417-622-4815 to book your hotel room at LaQuinta Inn.  Details within the web site. Call or email us and we will be happy to answer any questions.   Just call 620-674-8863 to book a memory, or email us at showmebird@ckt.net .  CHURCH GROUPS, LODGE GROUPS and MEN’S RETREATS you have found the right place to go! Corporate Customer Appreciation Events this is the place to say “THANK YOU” to your clients! Without spending a huge sum of money doing it. Our prices allow you to still bring your clients hunting. Over 450 companies come each year because of this! We even have a page on the site just for YOU to start planning a corporate event here. So please take a look at all the information on this site, then contact us and we will be happy to answer questions or book a memory for you. Email address is   showmebird@ckt.net       DON’T WALK BIRD-LESS CORN FIELDS ALL DAY.  JOIN A EUROPEAN SHOOT HERE FOR EXTREME PHEASANT SHOOTING!   WE DO ALMOST 50 SHOOTS A YEAR,  people come from all over the world for our shooting events.   Most hunters shoot 6-8 boxes of shells on a 300 bird event,,,, 8 to 9 boxes on a 400 bird event,,, 10 boxes or more on a 500 bird event.  Our 1000 bird shoots our unbelievable!  Watch the video on our FACEBOOK PAGE and see the action!   100 pheasants air borne in just 2 minutes!   See it to believe it!  Also new this year is a new members privilege where you can bring your dogs and one hunting buddy and hunt free on one of our farms!  What?  Yes, contact the office for details and you could have a beautiful farm to hunt 10 times a hunting season for free.  Plus enjoy 20 other members benefits here.  You do not have to be a member to hunt here, we are open to the public as well.  But membership does come with a lot of things that you may really enjoy.  Free hunts too!

We start the European shoots this October.  Email us for shoot dates with openings for this fall at =     showmebird@ckt.net    Mailing address is 2400 SE Quaker road, Baxter Springs, Ks. 66713   OR the  Clubhouse address 6186 SE 20th Road, Baxter Springs, Ks. NEW FOR THIS  SEASON= SKEET SHOOTING – WOBBLE TRAP – PHEASANT FURY.  Three clay target ranges!  Check out the special page on this site. We honor all major credit cards! If you are bringing clients check out of “host a company event page”! May God Bless you today, Kim Shira and Claudette Shira !

This photo shows our guides and some oFREDDIE BARNETT 2-23-13f the front line staff here.  We are ready to welcome you this fall!TRADITIONAL FIELD HUNTSgood skeet pond looking at pavDSCN4104great roof of pond 3IMG022