The Resort

OK, there are preserves and then there are resorts! As a long time member of the North American Gamebird Association. and a past director of this national group of hunting operations. I can tell you with pride there is no other hunting resort in America that shoots as many birds or has as many hunters as us. There is about 14,000 hunting operations in the US. Look at our staff, the number of birds, the number of hunters, the number of gundogs, 6 hunting areas to hunt,etc. These numbers make us the largest in America. Yes, others may have a bigger clubhouse or lodge. But that only takes money to build. We are talking about hunting not how many 2×4’s you bought!
We are a resort. We offer traditional field hunts, European shoots, skeet shooting, fishing, swimming, corporate meetings, church meetings, etc. Making this not a ma and pa operation hunting some locals to help with the farming costs. That is what a lot of my industry is. We are true professional and have been here for over 32 years. Watch some of the national TV shows on this site, view some of the videos we produced as well. Compare our site with others you find on the world wide web. You will see the difference real quick. Our staff is happy to answer any questions by email at or calll us at 620-674-8863 for more information.
May God Bless you as he has this resort! Kim Shira, CEO Show Me Birds, LLC