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2400 SOUTHEAST QUAKER ROAD is my home.  The clubhouse is at 6186 SE 20th Rd.                                        BAXTER SPRINGS, KS. 66713
PHONE- 620-674-8863
OWNERS- Kim and Claudette Shira
Directions to Show-Me Birds Hunting Resort

If you stay at our host hotel in Joplin they will have maps to the resort at the front counter.

Our location is easy to find. We are only 20 minutes west of Joplin, MO. Directions are:

From Baxter Springs, KS: (center of town is American Bank). From that stop light go west on 166 hwy. 3.5 miles to 20th road. There you will see on of our signs on the right. Turn right (north) and go 4 miles to resort. Clubhouse is on the left side of the road.

From Joplin, MO: go west on Interstate 44 past Joplin to EXIT 1. There is a big interstate hwy sign that reads “Exit 1 Hwy 166/400 Baxter Springs, KS. Take this exit to the right. Go 2.5 miles to 4 way stop. Go left 5 miles to Baxter Springs. At stop light in Baxter Springs go 3.5 miles west to our hwy sign. Turn right (north) and go 4 miles. Stay on hwy 166 to not follow 400 hwy.

From Riverton, KS: go north from stop light one mile on hwy 69/400. You will see House of Prayer sign and our sign on the west (left) side of hwy 69/400. That is Quaker Road. Go left (west) 5 miles. You will see another one of our signs. Go south (left) 300 yards club house is on the right.

From Miami, OK: take the Miami exit off I-44. Go through toll booth to stop light. Do not turn, go through light and go 5 miles north. This is a by-pass around Miami. Until you come to a tee in the road. At tee, go right (east) one quarter mile. Go left (north) to the little town of Pitcher, OK. Keep going north until you come to a 4 way stop. This is 166 hwy. Don’t turn. Go north 4 miles and you will see our sign on the right side of the road. This is Quaker Road. Turn right (east) and go 2 miles, you will see our sign. Turn right (south) and go 300 yards to clubhouse. Road construction! On 166 go east 2 miles. Then go north at my sign 4 miles.

From Columbus, KS: go south on 7 hwy about 4 miles until you see our sign on the left side of the road. This is Quaker Road. Turn left (east) and go two miles. Turn right (south) and go 300 yards.
LOST? CALL 620-674-8863 EMAIL IS –