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Let me help you, Kim Shira


kimHELLO,   Kim Shira here, CEO of Show Me Birds Hunting Resort.   I know that we both understand the importance of taking care of clients.  In todays business world, WE CAN’T AFFORD to lose a client.  Plus we must take time to show our clients how much we appreciate their business.  I can help make this happen!  Corporate hunting is the main-stay of my resort.  Over 450 companies bring clients here.  From Federal Ammo to the local feed store, we have seen it all.  I look at it this way, my resort represents YOU when you bring YOUR clients here.  You choose us to take care of YOUR customers.  We will do so and make sure they are 110% thrilled with your choice of entertainment for them.  This is different then a day on the golf course, or just dinner with a client.   Hunting is about making lifelong memories!

Now, I understand that for some of you “upland bird hunting” is not your expertise.  But it is for your clients.  No worries, we take care of everything and make you look great at the same time.  We can put together a budget for you that any company will aprove, hunts start at only $216.00 pp.  Yes, any customer is worth that!  We can then  handle a guided field hunt all the way up to the 500 bird European shooting event.  Something for every client.  Build a client base or just say THANK YOU for your business, we will do both for your company.  We make memories here that last a lifetime!

500 bird European shoot or a guided field hunt our staff can do it all!     From one client to 50 does not matter.  We have a package for you and your budget.  Plus you do not need to know anything about hunting.  Just call the office, we will asked a few questions.  What is the budget, how many clients, etc.  From there it is in our hands and we will make sure that your company is taken care of.  All details are accounted for, we can even make a speech before the hunt on your behalf.  Your competition may take this client to dinner or a round of golf.  But you can spend time with the same client upland bird hunting.  It will be a memory for a lifetime, not just another dinner.  We even offer a pre-invoice system where you do not have to pay in front of your clients.  We take care of it all, even getting a Kansas hunting license is done for you.  By the way our license is only $27.50 for the year, cheapest in the US.  Hunt packages for all budgets.  So you can spend what you need to “thank them ” for their business ! Or “Wow ” them to try and get their business!  Tell us your needs and we can advise the best package!  No guns?  No worries,we have LOANER guns for you, we do not rent guns.  YOU are our cleint, we LOAN guns to clients and then take care of everything else.  Just call 620-674-8863 ask for Kim, and we will start our program for you.  Or email Kim at and tell me your needs.  Also for every 15 hunters you bring you get a free hunt!  We can combine your hunting with skeet shooting or fishing.  Over night stays are a great way for some one-on-one time with your clients.  We will place them in a great LaQuinta Hotel, breakfast, and 2 drink free bar!  You will look like you are spending a fortune on them.  Yet, our package is only $52.00 pp with two per room!  Nowwhere can you beat that!  We will help you get that new account or help you save an old account that during these business times you can’t afford to lose to the other guys!  Contact us today!  May God Bless you and your company! Kim Shira