Due to our excellent habitat,the birds stay close to the farm stocked.  WITH OUR HIGHLY EXPERIENCED GUIDES, PLUS GREAT GUNDOGS  Most hunters harvest 90% of the birds stocked. THIS IS REAL HUNTING so weather and your shooting skills ==PLAY A BIG PART IN HUNT HARVEST AS WELL.   Our guides will make every effort possible to get you shooting at every bird.  ALSO NOTE, BIRDS MISSED BY OTHER HUNTERS CAN BE TAKEN BY YOU FREE,  NO BAG LIMIT HERE!  YOU WILL NOT FIND THAT AT OTHER LOCATIONS ACROSS THE COUNTRY!
Clients who bring their dogs must except responsibility for the number of birds found. Our guides can not control the performance of clients dogs.  If you choose to bring your dogs be sure your hunting buddies understand this prior to arrival.  You are welcome to bring your dogs, tell us this at the point of booking the hunt.  On the European shoots harvest is usually around 70% due to the challenging shooting that is required.  It is amazing!  God Bless, Kim