Each hunter should bring walking boots and normal outdoor wear.  Hunter Orange is required, a vest and hat.   We have orange caps and vests in the pro shop.  Shooting glasses too, and are also available in the pro shop.  Walking is in native grass and milo.  Basic field hunting cover.  Brush pants not needed.   You can buy shotgun shells here in the pro shop cheaper than almost all discount stores.  As we buy direct from Federal.  This saves packing them for the drive here.  Shotguns can be un-plugged here.  Ice Chest to take the birds home is a good idea.  We dress all the birds and place in freezer bags for you.   Advise any shotgun if a 12 ga. for the field hunts.  For the European shoots we highly advise auto-loaders and take the plugs out.  Note, no shot larger than #6 is allowed, for safety reasons.  ALL HUNTERS GETTING LICENSES AT OUR OFFICE MUST KNOW OR BRING THE SS NUMBER!  showmebird@ckt.net if you have more questions.  God bless, Kim