We produce a very fast, hard flying game bird.  Most say faster then natures birds! That’s right! WE KNOW SOME HUNTERS HAVE AN ISSUE WITH PEN RAISED BIRDS.  PLEASE DON’T JUDGE US, BY WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN IN THE PAST.  ONLY HERE WILL YOU FIND.  OUR OWN GENETIC BLOODLINE OF BIRDS;  THERE IS A REASON WE HARVEST MORE BIRDS IN A WEEK THEN THE AVERAGE RESORT DOES ALL SEASON.  COME SEE WHY AND WE WILL PROVE IT. We guarantee the best birds in the field. They are not tame or weak birds like some of our competitors. Just ask our references!
WATCH THE VIDEOS ON THIS WEB SITE, THESE ARE NORMAL BIRDS LEAVING THE GROUND TO OUT OF GUN RANGE IN 3 SECONDS!  That is what a Show Me Birds “BIRD” is all about!  Their is a reason we have 85% repeat bookings a year.  Their is a reason we are the largest Pheasant resort in America, It is the birds= the dogs= the staff= the farms= We will prove it!   God bless, Kim Shira