Gun & Ammo Sales

New this year is JR GUN ROOM. This room is in a 14ELHEW POINTER0 year old Kansas farm house. It is named after my father Jr. Shira who loved the old house and took daily tours of it.  We keep a supply of our top selling guns in stock; plus can order what you like. Top sellers are the new Beretta auto loaders that everyone loves on the fast shooting European course here. NOW, get this you can borrow a gun for skeet shooting or bird hunting and “test drive it” before you buy! Also many brands of hunting clothes as well. Such as Bob Allen, Boyt, Browning, Beretta, Under Armour, and many other lines of hunting gear. We also buy DIRECT from Federal ammo. We can beat the discount stores on target and hunting loads. Why travel with shotgun shells, just get them here and save money doing it. In other words, just book the hunt and get in the truck. We have everything you need here! Just joking, but we do have most of it. All a great prices, we don’t take advantage of our hunters once they arrive. Email us with any questions;

Do not wish to fly or drive with the guns.  No problem, we LOAN guns to our clients.  Not RENT them.   You are our guest and client service is # 1 at this resort!
Thank you and may God bless you today!Grabbed Frame 1 KYLE REEVES 1-26-13