Well some of the jobs the past 50 days  have been; order $1830.00 worth of peepers, send 2 tractors to the repair shop around $1200.00 in repairs this month, order $1600.00 worth of pheasant bits,  buy $900.00 of plastic for brooder floors, start planning bird harvest for next fall, start tilling miles of flight pens, order $700.00 of chick boxes, start a grain study for contracting several hundred tons of feed grain, buy $2300.00 worth of booth space at 3 hunting shows, wash feeders and water sets, super clean egg room and bird cleaning room, super clean the clubhouse each month we have tours all summer long now,  spray roundup around clubhouse, clean out 5 brooder houses full of pheasant droppings, prepare tractors for farm work, order chick starter feed, feed breeder birds, clean hatchery for first chick hatch that came a few weeks after the hunters left, pickup eggs each day, wash and set thousands of eggs, eggs and more eggs, spray round up on hunting fields to control Johnson Grass, work ground for milo planting, plant acres of milo on the new farm, clean five 5 wheelers, service 5 wheelers,  clean 6 tractors, service all tractors,  super clean work shop, spray special algae killer in 4 ponds, put nets back up that were damaged from snow guide Phil Dockery worked 21 days in a row on just this and other guides worked too,  move feeders out of pens and put in storage buildings,  move shelters out of pens, two men and tractors start the long task of tilling pens, write newsletter, order breeder feed, move birds to breeder pens, super clean bird dressing room, take state CSA signs down on the farms, remove dog water barrels on farms, work on new DVD program, work on mini truck, pull shooting stations out of course,  spray round-up around pens again, clean loaner guns for the off season rest, host dog handler banquet, pay $13,800.00 worth of monthly bills for the business, start working on new brochures, work on the new skeet range, work on the new pavilion, build on to the ammo building by the skeet range, seal boat dock, mow and spray-mow and spray again, put in heat and air line, ship chicks all over, $3700.00 worth of milo and switchgrass seed planted!   I have been asked a 1000 times, just what do you guys do during the no hunting season.  Well there you have a few days of some of the things we do.  It is a true labor camp.  A lot of this labor comes from bird production.  This is why a lot of hunting operations buy birds and don’t fool with production of birds.  BUT, this is the only way we can have our special birds that you all love.  It takes 3 men working 3 days for one 3 hour hunt!  Many think the staff works harder in the off season, then in hunting season!