Pheasant hunting this year

OUT OF SHOTGUN SHELLS?  We all know about the shortage in ammunition now days.  Buying a box of 22 shells is like winning the lottery!  Shotgun shells are not as bad, but for pheasant loads it can still be an issue.  The cheap #8 dove loads are around the big stores, but this year I have any countless calls asking about shells for pheasant hunting.  We have been selling shells for a long time.   Years ago I used to drive arrive all the big stores for 150 miles away and get pheasant loads.  Then I got to buy from a supplier in Mexico, Mo.  I thought that was a big deal.  Then I got the honor to buy direct from Federal due to the help of Mike Moore and Josh Appeldorn.  Both hunt here and we became buddies. Mike is pictured here with his granddaughter and some Show Me birds roosters that he got on a recent hunt here.  So now I buy direct.  And that is an honor!  But now days that can mean you ORDER direct, order and getting is not the same thing now days.  This is true with ALL shell companies.  So I ordered shells on Dec. 30 of 2012 for the 2013 season.  Nothing came, then ordered again, nothing came.  Now I have been in a panic as most hunters that have been here before know I have the best  price around.  So what happens if I don’t have shells and you walk into the clubhouse without shells.  Not good.  So on Feb. 19 Mike as pictured here and my new sales rep Sean Doke drive up for lunch and a tour for Sean.  When they walk in, they find Nobel Shells and Kent shells in the pro shop.  I had purchased 250 cases to insure I have product.  Mike is the National Account Manager,,, so he knows who to call.  He makes things happen over lunch and I get assured that all my back ordered shells are on the way.  What does that mean?  In all 1232 cases of shells coming,,,what does that mean ; $84,000.00 in shells coming!  Yes, they will come after this season is over.  But WE will have shells for next fall at this resort.  Thank you Mike and Sean for taking care of us and making this happen.  I want you both here with guns loaded to protect ME from Claudette when she gets the bill for all this.  Plus another $16,000.00 worth of KENT shells are stilling coming this summer as well.  Hope she does not read this newsletter!!!  But, we GOT SHELLS!!!